Laser Command is like Missile Command with a twist.

You have to charge your laser before you can fire and enemies can only be hit by the correct type of laser.

(Volume warning: make sure to adjust your browser volume before starting the game)


  • A = charge pink/fuscia laser (release key to fire)
  • F/S = charge blue laser (release key to fire)
  • mouse cursor = aim laser

(on "How to play" screen, for convenience)

  • PageUp = skip one level
  • PageDown = go back one level


  • Phaser = HTML5 game engine (
  • Lodash = JavaScript utility library; barely used
  • GIMP for image editing
  • FL Studio 11 (+plugins) for music
  • NodeJS for build process

Ludum Dare 34 compo entry:

This game was created for the Ludum Dare #34 game jam. The theme was "2-button controls" and/or "growing". All art, music, and code was created in 48 hours by one person. Source code available here: